Zone C - Twin Houses

This zone consists of 14 plots of various sizes laid out over two stepped levels. It contains another unique design, the Twin House Type VD-2. These units are laid out on an area +/- 7,000 m². The plots vary in size from 330 – 420 m², with the built-up area of the units being +/- 400 m² divided over the two floors, a roof and a basement, hence they are considered the “large-sized” Twin Houses. The units surround a central area of about 700 m² of a carefully landscaped area. Also, these Twin Houses overlook over 7,500 m² of public recreational area (Zones E1 & E2) serving the community, featuring a multi-use sports court, as well as a private club house with its many facilities and a children’s playground.

Type VD-2

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Zone C - twin houses
  • VD-2 Entrance View VD-2 Entrance View
  • VD-2 Garden View VD-2 Garden View

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